Smiling Techniques to balance tough days

Sometimes, things are tough – some deal with stress like a simmering pot, bubbling over relentlessly. Unfortunately, that’s been me for quite some time. This is how I’m balancing it out – and I am putting it out, hoping it helps someone else as well.

10 Tunes To Set Life By Before Turning 30

A recent trip through Ram Nagar (beyond Muradabad), which brought us to Corbett National Park, unintentionally helped me lock down on 10 things I believe one should be able to do, before they turn 30.

30 years to earth… Hello zi!

What’s worth 30 years? Smiles. Wide ones with crooked teeth, shy ones which pop in apologetically and vanish immediately. Proud ones, loud ones, over-the-top polite ones. Fake ones, real warm ones and ‘You-Talking-To-Me’ ones….