Lifestyle as a domain is a good starting point for me, because all stories are people stories, told for specific people. Here are a few pieces from my hand, which were published online.

Arre Checklist: Fairy Tales for a Post #MeToo World

The Disney Princess trope has long been bashed as reductive and anti-feminist, but here are some fairy-tale heroines who are just as #fierce as Beyoncé.

Here are The Fairy Tales which I would read, to her…

With Love: The origins behind Mother’s Day

Browsing through card stores for good ideas on gifts for your mom? Or are you one of those, who believe that a single day’s too short a span of time to truly show how much you care for the woman who holds such a special position in your life? Maybe, as you browse through specialty stores and marketplaces on the side, this short story on how Mother’s Day came into being and why you should really celebrate it would give you some ideas that can make it all the more special.

Presenting, the tale behind Mother’s Day, albeit a little personally.

Summer kits for Smart moms

After sun balms, gels and creams.

“Oh My God! Please deliver my darling from this beastly summer heat.” If that’s the prayer that you have on your lips as well, then you’re not alone. The dry, blistering summer heat is choking the city and while summer vacations are almost about to begin, it won’t cut down on the intensity of the weather out there? So, this is what you do.

Sustainable skin regimes for Earth Day

Beauty brands which are organic, green and affordable.

It’s that time of the year again, when we take a step back and see how our choices can reduce the negative impact that we make on this beautiful world. On Earth Day 2015, I decided to look around and find things for my beauty kit, which are earth friendly.