Published Works

A composite of some of the work that has been written and published under my name; as well as some copy I have had the chance to hold through:

Articles around Fashion         Articles on Education       Articles around Cinema        Articles on Weddings

Work at

Writings and editorial work at AskMe is evenly spaced around education, parenting, wellness as well as news copies around Fashion. The major stay remains editing copy, publishing and back-end operations (anything from vendor management to processes, invoicing to tech interventions), leaving little time to write at leisure. Still, here is a selection of some of my work:


How to paint designs on Bedroom walls

Best Places to Buy Bedroom Furniture In India

Best Bedroom colours for a good sleep!

Beat the Heat: Summer Kits for Smart Mums

Google worthy career lessons to learn from #AskSundar

Drama, sculpted to perfection at Gaurav Gupta’s Finale in LFW

AM PM: Wearable Monochromes at Siyah

Ashish: The Indian Connect at London Fashion Week


IIT Fee Hiked to Rs Lakh, Some Might Get it For Free

What to Wear Advice from Grammys 2016

The Official, All India Rankings

Budget 2016: The Education Edition

Other work:

Profile for Education

Profile for Fashion

Work at

While the work at was largely behind-the-scenes and consisted of working on the social profile, I did manage to do a few industry profiles and an in-house blog:

Engineering & Infrastructure Industry

Healthcare & Medical industry

3 Communication Lessons from Haider

Work at Indian Express:

Description: News copy, analysis, self copies, a touch of first-hand reporting – the years spent with the Indian Express shaped how I thought of news, writing and added structure, stylesheet discipline and diction to my skillsets. Most of the bylines (2009-2012) are now offline, though I still carry the hard copies or edit files.

Area of work: Current Affairs – Wrote (with bylines), edited (both under Staff Writer and Indian Express) and contributed otherwise (Tweets, FB updates, YouTube descriptors, Special Microsites and coverage for in-house events) for the organisation over a span of four years (Two in internship included).

‘Counter-Insurgency Operations in India are like eating soup with a knife’

Cricket & Her

Work at

Description: Basic news copy, written on day-to-day occurrences or as per SEO requirements – headlines are unfortunately not mine (memorable as it was my first job – Fresher Bacha):

Best works – Filmographic profiles, reviews and specials

Three Idiots review

Profile for Kim Peek

John Hughes Jr


2012 film review

Everyday copy:

Bangalore stadium blasts: Live bomb found

Tri series schedule: India Sri Lanka Bangladesh ODIs

April Fools Day


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