My 4-Year-Old Waits For Me – And It Hurts!

I pack her off to her preschool in the morning, wrapping up the morning chores before jumping in the car for office. In the evening, I come back and see her plonked on the couch, waiting, in front of the blaring TV. She says, she was waiting for me. And I feel it twist inside…

Fairy Tales for a #Me-too world!

The Disney Princess trope has long been bashed as reductive and anti-feminist, but here are some fairy-tale heroines who are just as #fierce as Beyoncé.

2+2? Homeschooling vs Regular Schooling in India

Homeschooling is not an easy road. It requires a huge amount of patience, time and effort from parents as well as children. There are times when it works (and works fabulously), but would you be willing to take it?

High 5, Baby 5 – Connecting Learning with Fitness

3, 4, 6… she says, adding the tempo as she strives to keep count. She’s on the floor, all fours, trying to copy a dip and bend from a Surya Namaskar. It’s ‘CISE’, our attempt at exercise together, which means more fitness time for me and ma-beti time for us. We are at that special…