Writing SEO articles for 10k views OR Why I write SEO-based content?

This blog has been in writing for the last two years – as part of a brief for what I do on a daily basis.

“Let’s commit to an average 10,000 – shall we?”

That’s the understanding that the select few among us, who chose to delve into good SEO, as part of our digital marketing selves, begin with. We pick up our proverbial pens, aiming at organic traffic and views, gaining in registrations and sales conversions from our ‘penned in’ target audience. Here’s a brief inside into the case for SEO writing (in blogs and pages) and why it became a work field and why I choose not to hide what I do, in terms of calling it ‘Content Writing’, ‘Digital Writing’ or Company Blogs.

Writing SEO content:

Search Engine Optimised Content, in terms of blogs, category pages and landing pages, is an art of marketing relevance, in an age when Google is the go-to, for all of us.

We choose a field and try to build into it, be it the beauty blogs who promise all cures – from acne to age; the health and wellness pages whose writers have already ascended from the plains, the career gurus who should have written their own success novellas till now or the Ecommerce buyers, who can tell you the best-buys virtually anywhere, for anything.

The stigma for SEO:

There are ‘contents’ written for SEO purposes – shabbily pieced together lines and paragraphs, with a high keyword density, hammered away on keyboards by those who call themselves SEO experts. And then, there are those of us, who do not wish to be branded and collated in the same lot. We come from more refined backgrounds – with our English or Mass comm degrees and beginnings in news/media organisations. We know our way with our words, pick our SEO learnings on the way and then choose to define ourselves as ‘Content Writers’, ‘Digital Marketing Enthusiasts’, ‘Bloggers’ or even ‘Lifestyle  Writers online’.

Perhaps, it is a case for perception, but few amongst us like calling ourselves SEO writers. Why not? We’re not THEM – the one who can’t differentiate their ‘There’s from ‘Theirs’. Or copy lines randomly.

But, it’s all SEO!

In reality, though, we’re the new THEM. Our similar pieces all aim at Search Engine visibility, working on the same keyword sets to connect better with the elusive target audience. We write for site visibility, for improving return value and becoming relevant. And isn’t that the essence of everything we do – not just in SEO, but also in life.

Being an SEO writer, at least a good one is all about knowing how to build your piece as the sacrosanct, definitive one. And that’s something that works across the board. Calling yourself as a digital content creator is all good and fine, if you’re investing your energies through different platforms – working on all aspects of the board.

On the other hand, as I have seen in most cases, if your clarion call is blogs and pages (both for self and others) and your content isn’t exceptionally groundbreaking, in terms of being disruptive, thought-provoking and breaking moulds – wear the label with pride. It’s here to stay.

And that’s what I do too!

Working for over a year with an EduTech company, I seek relevant traffic through my optimised content, from the chosen target audience. I may seem glued to my chair as a glorified typist, but that’s what I aim for – even when I am curating internships or jobs that these guys would likely apply for.

Not everything I write is path-breaking. But it’s all a means to an end – the end being conversions in terms of registrations and sales for the products we’re couching and selling in these pieces. Currently, at work, these are assessment tests, which can connect freshers to relevant jobs. The technique, however, is sacrosanct. And aimed at getting good results.

In my time here, I have penned testimonials and curated jobs. Made all possible cases of why you should buy the product. And it’s working! Here are some of my most viewed pieces:


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And played a hell lot of Mahjongg!

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