It’s been a while since I  switched off from my posts – a break taken to re-evaluate life and everything that happened. This isn’t an explanation – merely an account of time gone by… And why I choose to live the way I do (still get questions on it).

Sigh… sigh – Shock, Fights and Hitting Ground Zero

Rise and fall – Waiting to exhale.

Going through daily currents, breathing… breathing

Till I can’t draw up another…

It came to a head – When he said – What can I do?

Do nothing – I am leaving.

A mad dash, triggered by a now-defunct office.

Drive, run – on and on – trying to leave the voices behind.

Till I remembered, the treasure I was leaving behind.

Step by step, I return – for him, for her and them.

Breathe in, breathe out

Therapy, depression and countless pills

And a long, overdue sorry – for her, for him.

Reconnect – family, friends and those left behind.

Sifting through the noise – day by day.

Shutting up – Few would hear what I wanted to say.

Swimming – For him, for her and for them.

It’s been a long, long time.

And I think it’s better now, tolerably Ok.

Don’t explain things anymore.

Breathing in, breathing out.

Gathering my cards and daily moments.

There’s no what about me anymore.

Have bigger things to do.

Hope it does come through. Another year.

Something old. Something new.

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