30 years to earth… Hello zi!

What’s worth 30 years?

Smiles. Wide ones with crooked teeth, shy ones which pop in apologetically and vanish immediately. Proud ones, loud ones, over-the-top polite ones. Fake ones, real warm ones and ‘You-Talking-To-Me’ ones….

Moments. Bone crushing hugs to looks which say it’s not worth it. Tiny doddering feet to loud gails of laughter. A boisterous friend saying ‘Hey Bae’, to someone who says forget it, after being cold for more than 6 months. Hugs and misses, love and kisses, PPTs pored over, to marks that said you did it.

That’s how I translate my first 30 years on terra firma. 5 jobs, 2 different career streams, balancing the work-life scales (sliding right than left), arguments worth fighting to those not worth it at all and constantly trying to figure out what do I want to ahead.

A sister worth the support, a family always at my back and a partner who’s taken far too much heat for choosing to stick through. A love no less ordinary, passions to pursue and a headlong fall into a workaholic lifestyle. Kleptomanic tendencies on the side (you’ll know who to blame if books go mysteriously missing from your side.)

Initially, thought of as a showcase page for my professional work, this piece is another go at the dreams of fuelling a blog through, albeit this time with me as a personal thread. Do drop a line to connect (professionally and otherwise)…




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